Saturday, February 26

So Fun!

This is my new best friend!

They're super fun!
Mine have been on my toes for two weeks and are still going strong!
Totally check them out!
(maybe I could use more !!!!!!!!!)


Chelsi Ritter said...

steph your last post was hilarious. it's been way too long since i read your blog (unfortunately). you always have me laughing. i have so many comments on this one holy cow. the ones that got me the most though were loving one kid more than the other (i love aspen, i really do, but why won't she quit peeing her pants?! oakley's supposed to mess them, aspen is not. and even though oakley keeps me up all night, for some reason that's easier for me than to spend my days disciplining my 3 year-old). the other one was forgetting to strap your baby in their carseat. one day i had oakley and aspen in the store and i had taken oakley out to hold him. when i put him back in i just laid him in the carseat (while we were in the store) without strapping him in. well, i got all the way home before i realized that i never strapped him in! i felt horrible. thanks for sharing this!