Tuesday, September 7

Because the baby hasn't come yet...

I've found and finished a project.

Els calls it her dolphin house.

It was Tyler's sister's house when she was little.
It needed a bit of color.
And lots of scrapbook paper. I tried to get it to stick with Mod Podge (too wrinkled), spray adhesive (not permanent enough), and finally, super glue. No way my two year old is going to pick anything off this house!
The furniture got a nice new coat of paint.

And now the dolphin house is ready to go.


Audrey said...

You are amazing. Seriously. Great job!

Julianne said...

so cute, you have such a fun style. I forget girls play with doll houses.

Jack and Annie said...

LOVE IT!!! I had a doll house when I was little and it was so fun!

Chelsi Ritter said...

stephanie the dollhouse looks so cool! you did such a great job on it.
how overdue are you? it sucks, i know. aspen was 9 days late and it was the longest, slowest, hardest 9 days of my life! i don't envy you, that's for sure.