Wednesday, September 15

Medically Necessary

Do you know how hard it is to talk your OB into inducing you? Me either... because I haven't succeeded in doing so yet.

For me to tell this story, I have to go back a little ways.

Last Friday.
Had dr. appointment with my fav doc. She measured me and found that I wasn't dilated any more than previous weeks. I asked her to strip my membranes. She said she would 'cause I was 39 weeks and she's cool like that. Then she said if it didn't work, I could come into the hospital while she was on call this next week and fake some contractions so they'd get me induced.

Today. Wednesday.
Scheduled my appointment earlier than my "suggested" due date because I want to get this show on the road. Had appointment with nurse practitioner whom I've never seen before. Stripped my membranes again. Informed me that the hospital schedules the inductions and they typically won't do it until 40 weeks and 5 DAYS!!! I told her that was TOO long. She said unless it was medically necessary. I told her I'd make it medically necessary. She said she'd call and see what they would do.

Still today.
Called office to leave message for fav doc. Maybe she'll work some magic and get me in. Tried telling triage nurse (aka message deliverer) all the reasons why I NEED this to happen sooner: not having contractions like I was last week, soooo uncomfortable, haven't dilated any more in the past month, I've hit the 200 pound mark, I refuse to deliver a 10 pound baby (those last two weren't included but maybe they would have strengthened my weak argument).

Although I love my doctor's office, I'm starting to see the downside of not having one OB but seven. If I had one, I'm sure I could whine enough and get this to work. Trying to convince someone who has only seen you a few times isn't as easy.

I'm starting to consider going to see a reflexologist. Maybe I'll even drink that castor oil (probably not). I refuse to have diarrhea on the delivery table.


Julianne said...

I'm sorry Steph. want to go running? Should I bring you some yogurt? Call Dr. Beck (my Dr.) he induced me a week early with Jack. Two days late with Andrew. I'll start to pray for you maybe God will help you out.