Friday, July 9

We went to the Deer Farm in Williams, AZ. Eliot loved it.
Although her favorite deer weren't even real,
she put up with the alive ones as long as they wouldn't knock her over... They didn't get this memo. We had several run over occasions.
And in other news:
Maternity pictures do wonders for a "growing" (I'm up 30 lbs) self esteem.


Christian and Ryann Hulme said...

Steph, you look so good in your pictures! They're all so beautiful!

Shauni said...

Steph your hair is really cute right now. And the pictures are so beautiful. How are you feeling?

designHER Momma said...

You have the best little belly! And I agree, the hair looks great too. I'm so overdue for a visit to the salon.

Broadobalds said...

Steph I love you as a blonde! You look amazing. Happy pregnancy.