Thursday, January 28

In Case Of Emergency

So there I was, that's how all good stories start, sitting with two ladies from church, talking about food storage. I've never been one to store extra of anything! If I have a container of PB on hand I feel as though I'm a winner. That's when one of the women (Hi, JoEllen) says that she realized that she needs to store some food because if they don't have any then she will have two sets of little eyes staring up at her and being all hungry.

Well, shoot. I never thought of it like that. And all the stuff in Haiti with people dying because they have no food, well, it looked like I got the kick in the pants that I needed.

But did I go all out and actually start a food supply? No. I found a middle ground by hoarding the items for a 72 hour kit. I got:
a whistle, emergency blankets, wipes, first aid kit, batteries, radio, lantern, duct tape, gloves, warming packets, lighter, tp, candle, soap, knife, light stick, trash bags, hand sanitizer, and tylenol.
Then I bought two 72 hour freeze-dried meal kits to count as my food supply.

And I did all of that shopping and compiling in one day. Because it was all I could think about. And I got all obsessive and panicked. But now I'm okay.

And, my most favorite part was my water and fire-proof lockbox that holds my emergency binder that holds all my important documents. That way, if there's a fire or an alien lands in my backyard and I need to run away quickly, all my crap is in one place. I can grab it and run.

Although the running part may be a bit difficult because since the marathon I've been getting more and more sick. You see, when I ran the marathon I was five weeks pregnant... which is totally why I got a slow time (I'll claim it till the day I die). And now I'm in the full blown morning /afternoon sickness that is my favorite part of pregnancy and I hardly want to walk, let alone run.

I hope aliens won't eat freeze dried food cause it's all I've got and I'm not going anywhere.


JoEllen said...

So glad that my guilt trip worked =) And...sooo happy for you...well, kind of...not that you're sick and miserable, but that little missy will have a sibling!

Grey Sky Blue said...

Holy crapulations! You are amazing! I'm still too scared to have another baby or run a marathon. You are quite inspiring. I think I'll just go get some food storage now.

Bethany said...

WHAT! That's great! I can't believe you ran a marathon while being PREGNANT! You should get a bonus hour off of your time just for that!

What fabulous news.

But being pregnant sucks. I feel for you.

Julianne said...

congrats! If you need anything give me a call. little E is always welcome to come over if you need a nap, or just a break. Hope you feel better.

Sarah Jayne said...

That was the best post I've ever read announcing a pregnancy. I was totally not expecting it!!! Congratulations!! Keep all the details coming. I love reading people's pregnancy stories.

Sara said...

hey! i am totally in the same panick mode lately with the thought of my kids starving and all i could do was offer gum. I have my list for 72 hour kits but havent gone and done it now that you are my emergency HERO I HAVE to go!!!! Where did you get your food for the kits? are they the astronaught food??? :) or actually edible stuff? HELP ME

sarah said...

steph, that is awesome! glad you have a 72 hour kit but even more glad there's a baby on the way!

Lori said...

Way to hide the BIG news in your post. That is awesome - congrats. Maybe the 72 hour kit is just the beginning of your nesting instincts. Good luck, I hope you start feeling better. :)

Jack and Annie said...

WHOO HOO Congrats!! I am so excited for you! If you need anything or a break let me know, we aren't too far away!

Shauni said...

Oh my gosh CONGRATS!!! 7 weeks.... wouldn't that be about the size of a...blueberry! And props to you for going through with the marathon EVEN after you knew you were pregnant- I would've been tempted to use it as my excuse to get out of it. Eliot will be so thrilled to have a little friend.

Ryan, Candace, Jack and Macie said...

Congrats on baby #2 and on running a marathon! I don't think I will ever run a marathon and I think that we might stop at just 2 kids. We are excited for you!