Monday, January 18

Running Isn't Fun Anymore!

I ran my marathon. I did it about an hour slower than I expected. At least I finished.
I didn't need to ask the medics for a ride to the finish... although the thought did cross my mind about twenty times.
I didn't chafe. That's a plus.
I didn't lose any toesnails. Also good.
Maybe in a few years I'll try it again.
But when I try it again, I'll make my family drive the race and surprise me at several different locations along the route.
I'll not feel guilty about slowing down because it will make my family have to wait longer at the finish line.
I'll not drink as much water at mile 12 so I won't have to pee at mile 19.
It's over. I'm happy.


Petertammenson said...

I HATED how much I had to pee during my first (and only) marathon. It wasn't even something I had thought of - but when you're downing so many electrolytes, it's a must.

moosh in indy. said...

Another reason why Casey will never ever run a marathon.

(But congratulations to you!)

Sarah Jayne said...

Congratulations, Steph! Doesn't it feel great to be done? And especially not to have to train anymore?

You're awesome.

merathon said...

nice job! you did it!

Tiff G. said...

STeph! WE freakin' did it! All that work, all that time all those gu's that you loved sooo much!

Way to go! I'm glad to be taking a break from the gu's and salt packets...but I'll miss our nights running together!

Bethany said...

I am so amazed at you!!!! What an accomplishment!

Chelsi Ritter said...

holy, what? you ran a marathon?! stephanie you rock. you need to blog a bit about how you trained so that if any of us are contemplating a marathon (hint, hint) we can get some pointers.