Friday, November 13

As If My Headache Wasn't Enough

Can you hear that?

Listen harder!

The neighbors are having their roof replaced. I apologize to all my neighbors for when we had our roof replaced. It was one thing to have the BANG BANG BANGing going on right above my head. It's another to have it echoing in the distance... when I'm not the one paying for it... because I already had to deal with it for a week... when I already have a headache from too much caffeine from the Excedrin I took to fight off the headache I had all night.

I'm glad my neighbors can have a new roof. I just wish it were a process that could be accomplished quietly.

And to someone else's neighbors
who live

I had something I was going to share. Because of my annoyance with nails entering shingles at 157 beats per minute, I don't remember what it is. I'm sure it was witty and funny and totally worth reading. Until I remember what it was, just make up a story in your mind. I'll even start it out for you.

Remember when...


moosh in indy. said...

Oh crap, at my old apartment complex they did ALL the roofs over the course of TWO weeks. So the above the head was bad. But the echoing BANG! bang! BANG! bang!

I knew I had blocked that memory out for a reason. Good luck and may the Advil be with you.

Julianne said...

you can come over to my house. Bring your beads we can create.

Audrey said...

So, I've managed to lose your email address as well as your physical one. Could you email that to me? Thanks!!!