Sunday, December 6

Pigtail Hair

Some mornings when she wakes up
she looks like this
because I think it's cute to make her look like this.

We're getting ready for Christmas.
The tree is an area of great temptation.
Who could resist touching such pretty ornaments?
Not Eliot.
Or the cat.


ty and megs said...

i know what you mean. but how do we really expect our girls to stay away from a tree full of little toys!? i've already super glued 6 ornaments. and the tree's only been up for how long?

love the piggies. too cute.

Jack and Annie said...

aww love little girls in pigtails! Gabi hates to have her hair done :(

designHER Momma said...

oh look at those tiny piggies! So adorable...

Anonymous said...

awww thats cute!