Friday, August 14

Addicted to Beauty

Totally the greatest soap opera based reality show EVER!!!
The gay, makeup wearing, receptionist who cried after calling someone a bitch because they said he didn't do his job. His job is hard and he's protected by the Americans with Disabilities act because he has what's called ADD.
The SCARIEST!!! woman ever. She's the CEO of the spa portion and looks like the lion lady. In this pic she's trying on a 57 carat emerald.
She's having a hard time because she's getting a divorce. Crying makes her look even scarier.
Shannyn was brought in to help do something(?) at the office. She recently had her boobs done and has the most distracting teeth ever.
And then there's this guy who wants to have his own makeup line but instead in the concierge of this place (brings water and gives back rubs... creepy) and rubs bronzer on Scary Woman's feet to help conceal her whiteness.
It's totally FANTASTIC! and available on OnDemand. Love it!


Robyn said...

Don't you hate it when you get addicted to crappy, unwholesome, delicious shows like that?! I have some of my own, although I admit I've never even heard of that one before . . .