Thursday, August 20

Every Day

This blog is brought to you by the NIN song EVERY DAY IS EXACTLY THE SAME. I've included it for your listening pleasure. Please turn up your speakers.

As I get ready to go to bed each and every night, my routine is the same... EXACTLY the same! I turn off the TV. Go check the door locks. Walk to the wall switch and turn off the fan and the light. I feel my way through the dark room, counting my steps, until I reach the hallway. I open the bedroom door and walk into the bathroom. I then wait about ten seconds until the cat finally makes it into the room and into the bathroom before closing the door and turning on the light. Sometimes, the monotony of it just gets to me!!!

My day routine isn't much better. Eliot wakes up. Feed her. Wait until nap time. When she goes down again, sometimes so do I. When she wakes up again, I feed her lunch. While she's eating, I get in the shower. We run errands until the gym. After the gym we come home and fix dinner. Then Daddy comes home and Eliot gets a bath. Eliot goes to bed. Tyler goes to bed. Then I begin my routine. And as I walk through the dark room, feeling for the wall, and hoping there are no toys in the way, the NIN song plays in my head.


Shauni said...

There are times when I look at my life and think the exact same thing- it always the same routine day after day!! The funny thing is though, that sometimes the fact that it's always the same makes me crazy and depressed, and other times I love it and feel comforted by it and can't wait to get back to it when it goes away. Weird, huh?