Monday, July 6

That is NOT a kitty

Eliot calls everything furry a kitty.
These were definitely NOT kitties.
She was not fooled by their size. She wanted nothing to do with them.
Do you know what it's like having 12 tongues lick you all at once?

Sure, she had no problem with the fake deer.

Oh yeah. I'm wearing jeans. And I wasn't even hot.
Here's to the mountains of Arizona!
If anyone is ever in Flagstaff, go to the Grand Canyon Deer Farm.
It's so fun to be swarmed by a bunch of pushy deer who know where their food comes from-
all the stupid tourists who spend $3 on a food cup (it's a souvenir cup) and think it's worth EVERY PENNY!


Shauni said...

Steph- ARRGH I'm trying to friend you on Goodreads and it won't let me because I have to type in your daughter's name and every time I type in "Eliot" it says it's wrong- did I spell it wrong? Okay I know this has nothing to do with this post, but it's dang cute anyway!