Thursday, June 25

No more picture box!

What do you do with all those pictures of your baby from the first few months of life that are stuck in your computer? Do you print them off only to stuff them into a box? Do you put them in an album where the sticky pages will stop sticking in a matter of months? Do you put them in a scrapbook? I can't do that last one because I have NO scrapping ability. My attempts look like a kindergartners art project. So, what do I do?

Totally the most awesome thing EVER! I put all of Eliot's pictures (well over 1,000 of them) into a book that was then published as well as anything I'd purchase from Barnes and Noble. I downloaded their BookSmart application and used their layouts to simply drag the pictures I wanted into the correct spot. It was so awesome! And yesterday, the book arrived. It was 134 pages, hardback, and worth the $42. I also purchased a paperback one ($25) for each of the grandmas.Now, I know I'm on one here, but I'm so impressed and I'd like to spread the news! I've previously made a book from Kodak but it was nothing compared to this. Making books is how I'm going to preserve all my photos from now on.
Also, the friend who shared about Blurb in the first place, has her blog published each year. Simply slurp (transfer) your blog posts to a book in seconds. I've realized that I don't write in a journal anymore because if I'm feeling something, I blog about it. Now I can put my posts in a book and document it for posterity (because I'm totally awesome and they all are going to love reading my blog posts!).


sarah said...

steph! it's awesome! congratulations on your first published blurb. i'm almost done with my 2008 blog book - can't wait to see it in print

Audrey said...

I love that idea and honestly, $42 is really nothing when you consider how expensive scrapbooking is. I hate the creativity and time involved in that whole thing.
Next questions: $42 includes shipping and handling?
How long from the time you sent it off until it arrived?
Can you write on the pages as well as put pictures on them?
I'm seriously considering this for lots and lots of reasons...

Sarah Jayne said...

THANK YOU THANK YOU!! Now I don't have to feel guilty about not wanting to do Jonah's first year scrapbook...NO I haven't done it yet. I'm going to do this. Thank you!!