Sunday, July 19

Oh, thank you!

I'm visiting my parents in Colorado. That means that the sicknesses must come and ruin our trip! Yeah sickness.

Friday night I was sick with the stomach flu.
I thought it was really amazing at just how many deals I made with the pagan god of vomit: Please, if you just let me feel better, I won't care about throwing up next time.
Oh, please, make this go away!
I promise, you can make me sick with morning sickness throughout all of my future pregnancies.

Then, I redirected my prayers to a God I actually believe in and offered this humble little ditty: Thank you SO MUCH for letting me throw up.
Didn't think that would be the prayer I would be offering when I woke up that morning.

It's amazing how much stuff you notice surrounding the base of the toilet when you're so up close and personal. I need to remember to vacuum that area next time.

My mom used to say she'd rather give birth that have the flu. Thanks to the epidural, I WOULD TOO!


Julianne said...

oh sorry lady. Are you up for swimming this week?

Lane and Hannah said...

I didn't have epidurals and I'd still rather give birth than have the flu. Hope you feel better soon!