Thursday, April 23

we'd like to announce the addition of Ryann Mary Bowns Hulme (I don't know which of those names she's going to keep) to the Hulme family.on our trip we saw:

grandmas and great grandmas

snow (in CO...on the day of the open house. I shoveled the whole driveway twice- the snowblower was broken and I didn't want my dad to have a heart attack. jk Dad!)

lots of yummy cupcakes

because of the snow (why I live in Phoenix) there weren't as many people as expected. if you'd like some cupcakes, I'm sure there are some left. my mom's been handing them out to anyone stopping by the house and the garbage man and the mailman and the UPS man and the Schwann's man (I'm lying about all those men but I'm sure if she was having a conversation with them she would offer them some).

my cute brother Scotty was also there in cardboard form. Sorta creepy!

Eliot was a pill. On the plane, she wanted to run around. Luckily, on all but one leg of the trip, she was able to be strapped in her carseat. I didn't realize just how child proof our house is until I went somewhere that isn't child proof. She was in drawers and toilets (numerous times she's had toilet baths!) and eating toilet paper and dog food and playing in dog water bowls (did I mention she likes water?) and books and fire places and grandpa's office and kitty litter boxes and stairs- you get the point.

Once, not so long ago, things were easier. Not as fun but not as hectic. For my birthday I think I'll ask for a nap.


Tiff G. said...

Looks like you had a fun trip? when's your birthday? I'll watch Eliot so you can be sure to get your nap :)

Robyn said...

Can you ship some cupcakes to me?

Sarah Jayne said...

Happy Birthday, Steph. I miss you. I'm sad I didn't get to see you when you came through.

Everything with kids is harder...especially travel. We just have to tell ourselves that they're worth it! :)