Monday, April 6

I can only bring two bags???

I'm leaving this Thursday for my brother Chris' wedding to Ryann.

They're getting married in Boise. Our first flight is Phoenix to Boise. We'll be in Boise until Saturday morning when we're flying to SLC to see Tyler's family. I'll be there until Tuesday (Tyler's leaving earlier) and then I'm flying on to Denver where I'll be staying until Saturday. From there, I'm headed back to Phoenix.

It was sort of a hassel to book all the tickets for this trip. Nothing was a round trip.

I'm starting to pack for the trip and I'm discovering that scheduling the travel was a cinch compared to getting everything into the limited number of flat rectangular-shaped containers. I can purchase some items (diapers, formula) once I get to Utah and then again when I get to Colorado, but how do I transport the required amount for my three days in Idaho? How do I pack baby food in a space-saving manner? I'm allowed to bring baby formula in a bottle through security but what about a sippy cup?

All of this trouble is definitely worth it for two things:

Maybe I'll get someone to watch Eliot so I can go to the bathroom without an audience!

Also, since I got my haircut, I won't have to bring a blowdryer!

Yes, I cut it all off again. Did you actually expect me to keep one hairstyle for very long? I'm loving this haircut though. It's taken the focus off my double chin and repositioned it to my eyes. I feel reinvented.


John and Laura Hall said...

So will you be at the Colorado reception?? I am coming!

Just Us said...

From my experience, you can take juice boxes, unopened baby food, and bottles (with formula) with you. I haven't had good luck with sippy cups - some will let you through and some won't. The plastic gerber food works well for travel. Good luck! Traveling with kids is definitely an experience.

Audrey said...

Double chin? Come on. You look really, really cute!!! Have a great trip!
Are you still interested in book club? It's at my house this month. Let me know.

Bethany said...

Cute cut! If you get bored in SLC (or need a babysitter while you go to dinner with the in-laws), PLEASE call me!

Petertammenson said...

Stephanie Bowen, you do not have a double chin!

Robyn said...

You look even sexier than usual with the new hair, Steph!

Chelsi Ritter said...

oh stephanie you're far from having a double chin! you look fantastic. and not "fantastic for having a baby", but just plain fantastic!

Jack and Annie said...

Love the hairdo!! You are one sexy mama!

merathon said...

i see no double chin, but i love the new do! good luck on the trip!