Monday, March 2

Buyers Remorse

After spending a certain amount of money on any given item (sometimes it follows after grocery shopping) I am bound to experience that dreaded feeling of guilt and questioning perfectly termed buyers remorse.  However, some things are so wonderful though that no feeling of remorse EVER follows... only elation, excitement, and giddiness.  I will pay tribute to those items now.

A house.  It is said that people ultimately will feel that sense of "what did I do?".  I, luckily, never felt that upon signing the finalizing documents of our house.  I did slightly feel that feeling after our roof leaked, however.

before     after 
Laser Hair Removal.  The BEST money ever spent.  Not a day goes by that I don't feel grateful that I don't have to shave certain areas.  If I had more money (or less frugalness) I would have my entire body done.  I think that would cost an awful lot and I probably would feel a little guilty.  However, the certain areas that I have had lasered are great.  I doubt I'll ever regret having it done unless it comes into fashion to have hairy pits or spider legs sticking out of a bathing suit.

This Magic Little Machine.  Yes, that's right.  It's a Dyson DC 25.  We had a little surplus after our tax returns showed up.  This little puppy is where that surplus was spent.  It's amazing.  It sucks up everything.  I can empty the canister without ever touching any part of the gross stuff.  Before, I was dealing with a vacuum that not only made me deaf every time I used it but also caused me much trauma when I needed to empty the bag.  On several occasions I would accidentally squeeze or pull the bag too hard causing some poof of dust or clump of something to fall to the floor.  Knowing all the bugs that had been sucked up with the vacuum, I know that the clumps are remnants of those bugs falling back out of the bag to punish me for killing them in the first place.  Actually, I don't know if a bug is killed by being sent to the vacuum bag.  Maybe it's like an endless schmorgisborg that causes the bugs to live in happy heaven forever.  I have often wondered how to clean up the dust pile while the bag is off the vacuum.  I have considered vacuuming it back up- even without the new bag on.  I would hate for the living bug to get me in the time it takes to load the new bag.  But, I digress.  This new vacuum goes from carpet to hard floor with the push of a little button.  The ball allows me to turn left then right and left again with only a flick of my wrist.  I'm not quite to the point where I don't know how I've lived without it (although I'm sure it's coming soon) but it's not going to cause me to lose my hearing prematurely and it doesn't make me hot to vacuum (like all other vacuums before have caused me to do).  This vacuum was a great way to spend a bit too much money. 


Sarah Jayne said...

I want one!!! Our vacuum had a shredded cord up until a few months ago when my dad finally fixed it. I shocked myself one too many times.

Petertammenson said...

Oh I am so down with the laser hair removal - sounds like we did the same body parts - I bought my freedom when I graduated from college - wish I had the money to get my legs done!

Audrey said...

Knowing your obsession with hair dyeing there's no way you'd have your ENTIRE body done!

merathon said...

laser hair removal has been on my christmas/birthday list for the past few years. i still haven't gotten it! not giving up hope, though! how many treatments did you have to get to make it all disappear?