Thursday, March 5

Bath Tubs

Previously I posted about a baby tub that was the stupidest idea ever.  As I've had the stomach flu today, all I wanted was some relief from the chills that the fever brought.  I left Eliot in the family room (I'm a bad mom but I was desperate) and got in the tub.  It was so nice and toasty BUT...

Why can't I have my whole body covered by water?  Why do I have to decide to have my boobs cold and exposed to the air or to have my legs exposed?  

As I was in the tub, trying to decide which part needed to be warmed the least, I thought back to that stupid baby tub.I would really love to be completely submerged in a tub like this.  Yes, I know they make big soaker tubs that alleviate the need to make the boob/ leg decision but I don't have one in my bathroom so it doesn't do me much good, does it?  

The other option that I could possibly see as working wonders is the tub for old people with the door that swings open so you don't have to step over the side, slip, and break a hip.  
I could probably get this to fill deeply.  Maybe they'd even include the old people.


Ryan said...

Funny stuff, Steph!