Wednesday, February 25

Shouldn't sleep alleviate this feeling?

This is what I do all day.  I watch my daughter make messes, laugh a bit, and then go clean them up.  I'm tired.  I can't seem to keep on top of it all.  I naively signed up for two independent study courses to get me closer to graduation.  I have a year to finish but if the amount of work I've done on them in the past two months is any sign of when they'll get done, I'M IN TROUBLE!  

My dishes spilling over the sink and now moving down the counter.  I put away the clean laundry after it's been sitting for a week and only so I can use the basket to haul the next load to the washer.  I sleep until 9am.  Like I said, I'm tired.  

I've realized I'm the type of person who likes having nothing to do.  I love being bored.  I like not having work and not having school and not having responsibilities.  I'd like a bit of that again.  Like I said though... I'm tired. 

Most of the time I love my life.  I love where I am.  I love being at home with the mess-maker.  I don't mind taking care of the housework.  But right now, I just feel tired.

I'm sure I'll get recharged.  Maybe after I finish this pint of ice cream.  Maybe after the cat stops bringing in lizards from outside.  Maybe when the baby is no longer drooling or boogering all over my clean jeans.  Maybe when the dishes are done and the laundry is folded and the sheets are changed and the classes are finished and the bills are paid and the baby is fed and...
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Sarah Jayne said...

I follow it religiously! Hahaha...not sure that makes you feel better, though. I know how you feel. My house looks like a disaster hit. I put one thing away and Jonah takes 3 more things out. Hope you get your batteries recharged. Independent Study is evil. I guess I'm not the kind of person that does well with school when it's self-motivated...I need deadlines! Good luck with it though. Your degree will be worth it!

James and Alyson said...

Steph- it is so nice knowing that someone else feels the same way I do. I was going to take an online class this semester, but I backed out last minute. Now, I'm kind of glad I did. I enjoy being a mom and staying home, but the constant clean ups and tiredness can be a pain. James starts his job on Monday. We should get together now that both are husbands will be working like crazy!:)

merathon said...

i have your same laundry issues-- patrick daily asks me, "is the laundry in this basket clean or dirty?" And my answer unfortunately is always, "CLEAN!"

it's really hard keeping up with the day to day things of life-- and it gets worse the more kids you have! i still haven't gotten the hang of things!