Wednesday, April 9

Dumbest Idea Ever

This is the Washpod by Prince Lionheart. The WashPOD™ provides a better way to bathe your little one in an environment that emulates a mother's womb. The baby in the WashPOD™ will naturally convert into the fetal position. Because this is such a familiar feeling, it will quickly soothe, calm, and relax the baby and allow them to bathe without feeling out of their element.

It's nice that it emulates the mother's womb, but what about the other 23.75 hours of the day when the baby is not in something that resembles the womb? Will they feel out of their element? Didn't they come out of their element the day they made the travel down the birth canal?

Too bad you can't fit your baby and your two arms in the pod. If something were to happen and your baby were to slip- down goes the head, up come the feet- what part of your baby do you grab to get them out? Do you hold on to their head to make sure they stay upright? And, how do you clean your baby? There's no way to reach in and even clean their toes. Is it like when you leave your dishes soaking in the sink and just hope they come out clean?

This is one item I will not be adding to my baby want list.


Audrey said...

I have never even heard of such a crazy thing. Where do you find this stuff?

ty & megs said...

agreed. dumbest idea ever.

Chelsi & Eric said...

stephanie i saw an ad for that just yesterday and thought it was so ridiculous. it's like a washer! just another way to spend money on something for your baby that they don't need!

Audrey said...

I just had to comment again and say I actually saw one of these at a used kid's store today. I had to chuckle and think of you. Then I bought it and it should arrive any day now because I knew you were secretly coveting one.

Bethany said...

How's stuff with the house? What colors are you doing the baby's room in? Have you thought of any names?

PS Shannon said you were the cutest pregnant woman ever!