Wednesday, December 10

A little something about me

A few weeks ago someone asked me to tell them about myself. For some reason when I started talking about myself, what came out was my resume:
almost graduated from BYU with a degree in Exercise Science, worked as a nanny while living in Boston so I could help put Tyler through Harvard Law School, worked as a receptionist at a hair salon and also have my aesthetican and makeup artistry licenses.
Why is this the list I spouted off? Because it's what Tyler would have done. To Tyler, you can get a good sense of a person based on their education, where they went to school, and what jobs they've held. To me, I don't think this says squat about a person.

I was thinking about what I would say if given the chance to tell about myself again. Would I go on about how I came to make babies with my husband? Well, I grew up in Colorado and Tyler grew up in Utah. We met during Tyler's last semester at BYU. I think he was just eager to get married so he didn't leave school still single ;) We were introduced by a friend of mine from high school. He asked me out a few days later and we've talked everyday since.
No. This isn't how I'd choose to tell about myself unless I was giving a talk in church.

This is what I'd choose to tell about myself:
*I'm 25. I still feel as though I'm 16 though.
*I've been on anti-depressants for almost seven years now. I've come to terms with the fact that my brain doesn't make enough seritonin and I will most likely be on these medications for the rest of my life.
*I love to lift weights. I used to hate cardio. I'm learning to like it now because I need to lose weight. Weights help to tone but cardio is where it's at for weight loss.
*I want my prebaby body back. I love my daughter. I miss my body. I've decided I'm going to start referring to my stretch marks as sacrifice marks and my baby pooch as the baby house.
*I love to read and I read very quickly. I love a good romance book. I choose books based on their covers.
*I haven't had a best friend (or really any close friends) since I was a sophomore in college. Most of the time I'm okay but sometimes I get lonely.
*I love to sleep in. I'd sleep until 11 every day if I could.
*I LOVE Dr. Pepper. It's so yummy. It's my favorite in a can or a cup with ice and a straw. I don't like it in bottles.
*I'm very creative. I can recreate almost anything I see. I love to constantly be working on some project. I like it when people compliment me on the things I've created almost as much as I like seeing a project completed.
*I love to eat out. I love to shop. I'm a cheap shopper though. I don't think I've purchased a shirt for more than $12 in several years. It's like I'm still living with a student budget mentality.
*I dye my own hair. It makes me feel pretty to have new hair. I like feeling pretty.
*I miss the self confidence I had when I was a teenager. I would love to have that back.
*I want all the skinny people to have babies so that they aren't skinny anymore. (Yes, this goes back to wanting my prebaby body back.)
*I think my husband is pretty super. In fact, I think the sun shines out of his ass.
*I like to talk about myself.


Audrey said...

You have such a fun and clever personality. I loved learning some new stuff about you. You forgot the part about your meth addiction though. Come on Steph, let's have full disclosure!

emilyaaa said...

you crack me up, lady! loved this post! does tyler realize what a catch he's got!?!?!

Sarah Jayne said...

I'm with you all the way on the stretch marks. They're horrible aren't they? As if stretch marks that go two inches above my belly button weren't enough...I now have some new ones two inches above those from Sophie! It IS a sacrifice. I'm getting a tummy tuck when I'm done having kids. I'm not sure a six pack would even be visible under my hamburgered stomach.

Chelsi Ritter said...

stephanie i love this post. way to be honest and so real! there are few real people i know and you're one of them. it's very refreshing and inspiring. i've been on anti-depression pills before, and the whole depression thing sucks. and i hate skinny people without bellies.

Jack and Annie said...

Dude...I totally feel inadiquate when I have to talk about myself at these things. You said you feel like you are 16 I feel like WTH where did my early and mid 20's go?!?!

ITA with you on the friends thing...I'm going to be living closer to you..lets get together!