Tuesday, January 13

Yeah to the Bonus!!!

I never knew how fantastic a firm bonus could be until this year.  I'm now not so upset about Tyler's long hours or working on the weekend.  I guess I am a sellout and I DON'T CARE!
Want to see the effect money has had on our house?

That's a new couch, a new side table & a new TV stand
A new fan in our master bedroom.  Too bad the fan's light is as bright as a night light :(
A new bookshelf from Ikea.  I love Ikea.  I'm still looking for inspiration for over the desk.
Again, the new couch and a great view of the ceiling fan.

Up until this point, we've been dealing with such a hodge podge of stuff.  It feels so nice to have a bit of cohesiveness amongst our pieces.  


Ryan said...

So pretty! You have such a talent for making spaces look beautiful (and fashionable). Have you ever considered being an interior designer? I'd hire you (and give you a big bonus as well).

I want to see your black kitchen.

Audrey said...

The one downside to the bonus--taxes!!! I couldn't believe how much just disappears into the govt.'s pockets!

Robyn said...

Ah, income - someday we too will enjoy the pleasures of a paycheck! You're house looks great!

Jack and Annie said...

Looks good! I can only hope for one of these someday! ;)

merathon said...

i love bonuses too and always feel a little guilty as well. . . just a LITTLE!

all the new stuff looks great and i too LOVE IKEA. they're opening one here in just 8 days! yippee! i have a feeling i'm going to have to restrain myself from buying everything that i want all at once. . .