Friday, December 5

"I don't have kids..."

For the most part, the Kids Klub is the most wonderful part of my day. Up to two hours of almost free (20 cents a visit) babysitting so that I can work on getting back my pre-baby body. At this point I'm not hopeful. And upon those skinny girls I see walking around with their stomachs exposed and no stretch marks- I wish a baby. But, I digress.

I go to a gym that's a little further away because they have a far better Kids Klub facility than the closer option. However, there is one girl (she can't be older than 19) who on several occasions has told me that she doesn't have kids so she doesn't know what's normal.

Today's scenario went like this:
(over loud speaker as I'm in the middle of my 20th minute of my 9 mph run on the treadmill- haha yeah right) Will Mrs. Bowen please come to the Kids Klub?
scene shoots to Stephanie dripping in sweat gathering all of the items- ipod, weight gloves, water bottle, towel, magazine, extra bobby pins and hair tie- that took about ten minutes getting situated just so, and then walking down to the Kids Klub. Upon entering, Stephanie makes eye contact with the sane Kids Klub worker who shrugs her shoulders after seeing Stephanie's confused look. Baby Eliot is perfectly content playing in a swing. Stephanie is approached by Stupid, I mean, inexperienced kidless worker.
"I just wanted you to know that your daughter spit up all over her shirt." Stephanie stares, still confused. "She, like, threw up. I don't know if that's normal or anything. I don't have kids. Her shirt is all wet."
Stephanie gathers all of baby's items and packs bag to leave.

This scene probably wouldn't be so annoying to me if it hadn't already happened. The only way it was different was that Stupid came and found me on the machine and in a panicked voice informed me that my daughter had thrown up all over. Concerned at the thought of Eliot throwing up (signaling something VERY serious) I asked her if Eliot had thrown up/ projectiled or if it was just spit up. She told me that she didn't know. It was like throw up or maybe spit up, again she didn't know, she doesn't have kids, but it went straight down her shirt and was warm and wet. I told her that spit up for a baby is normal and that's why I had a burp cloth in the bag and a bib on Eliot.

Yeah, spit up is gross. I don't know why this girl keeps making problems of it though. Is my child the only one who has ever spit up or does she do this to all the moms? Shouldn't she know what is normal and what isn't for a baby if that's her job to take care of them?


Ryan said...

Oh, bless the kids club. They come and get me all the time... but its usually diaper related... understandable.

I miss you Steph. Are you going to CO for Christmas? I really want to snuggle Eliott. She is so so so cute. She reminds me of kiana a litte. I thinks it's cause they're both so sweet and both so bald. Bless them both.

merathon said...

that is lame. i would be really pissed about that cuz my workout time is sacred, as i'm sure yours is too! i'd complain to the manager about it!

Audrey said...

This place has the BETTER kids klub? What was the last place like--rows of cribs with babies screaming their heads off? Seriously, I thought the workers for those facilities had to have some training of some sort.

Jack and Annie said...

And that is why we got our own treadmill. SIGH I hate people like that. There are some people like that working in our nursery. It's like COME ON PEOPLE!! UGG!