Monday, October 27

Grass and Poop

Being from Colorado, I'm not used to this whole summer grass, winter grass thing that goes on here in Arizona. In CO we just have one type of grass but in Arizona the summer grass can't survive in the "cold" temperatures of the winter and the winter grass can't survive in the heat of the summer.
We recently paid some guys to come and put in our winter grass because we don't know what the heck we're doing. Said guys used a power rake to destroy what little green we had left and then left six bags of poop scattered all over our lawn. It's fine. I wasn't planning on rolling around on our grass anyway, but man, it sure does smell!!!

I picked this last weekend to refinish a trunk. Everytime I was outside working on it, the sprinklers would come on (they're set to like five times a day- another thing I don't get) and cause the poop to take on a smell that can only be described as the world's biggest stock show.

Next year I think we should skip this whole grass-cycle thing and just put in astroturf.


Chelsi Ritter said...

Good call on the astroturf, you should make it blue astroturf. Grass doesn't belong in AZ.-eric