Friday, October 3


Eliot's on my list. She's become an expert roller but once she gets to her stomach, she gets stuck and screams. She has yet to figure out how to roll from her stomach to her back and it's making things quite difficult.

We've put her to sleep wrapped like a burrito baby since day one. It's been the way she sleeps best and it seems to be her Pavlovian signal that it is time for sleep. So today I put her down for her nap all wrapped in her burrito and a few minutes later I heard muffled scream/cries. I went in to check on her and this is what I foundNow keep in mind that she started out snug as a bug in a rug. In a matter of three minutes she had Houdinied her way out of the swaddle and on to her stomach. No more blanket burrito baby for this one!

So, as she had not fallen asleep yet, I took the blankets out of her crib, put the pacifier in her mouth and left the room so she could fall asleep. Before I could make it to the door, she had flipped to her stomach and was screaming for help. I can see that nap time isn't going to be happening today.


Audrey said...

Did you know they actually make blankets with buttons that fasten into the burrito hold? That way there's no escape. I don't have any brand names to recommend, but it's an idea.
I'm so excited to hang my art work!!!

Petertammenson said...

Steph, this totally happened with Laurel. It made for one stressed out mom! Seriously, for a week straight we would put her to bed on her back/side, and then within a matter of minutes she'd flip over to her tummy and start screaming - after this process was repeated every 10 minutes one night (the night before Luke was supposed to fly out for a recruiting visit at UT), I emailed almost every mom in RS to see what in the world could I do - (oh, and Laurel would usually get her limbs stuck in the crib to boot too). Gee whiz. The overwhelming advice I heard was to just let the baby cry it out. So I put her down, installed myself with a favorite chick flick in our bedroom and let her wail - she has stopped by the time the movie was over, and the situation was solved. She just didn't know that she could fall asleep like that, and once she figured it out, things were okay. But yes, it was awful to hear her scream for so long and awful to see the dried snot on her in the morning, but it was well worth it. Eliot is ADORABLE!

Sarah Jayne said...

Oh, we went through that frustrating!! I think I finally just let him scream it out on his tummy and then he ended up always sleeping on his tummy anyway. I hate that they can get out of the tightest bundles too...I think we wrapped Jonah about 10 times before he'd finally fall asleep. I feel your pain. Good luck with it all!!! She's getting so big! And those socks are so freaking cute...I'm gonna get me somma those!