Thursday, November 6

Craigslist etiquette

I've been watching craigslist for the past several weeks waiting for a clean, gently used exersaucer for Eliot. Two days ago, one was posted and for the best price EVER! So I emailed the lady saying that I wanted to purchase it. Yeah.

She replied saying that I could either pick it up in Apache Junction that night or the following morning in Chandler. I said that I'd like to pick it up in Chandler (please see map as to why). She didn't get that email until after her husband had left that following morning to Chandler without the exersaucer. She emailed me, letting me know this and asked if the following day would work. I said of course and asked her what time and where. She responded, "Someone else is willing to pick it up this evening and my house. If they don't pick it up then you can have it."

I'm pissed! I said I wanted it. It's not like we set up a time for me to pick it up and I was a no show. She's the one that didn't check her email in time. Also, in her posting, she listed her location as Chandler. Had she listed it as Apache Junction I wouldn't have been as inclined to buy it from her. Would it have killed her to wait until the following day and if I didn't pick it up then she could offer it to this other person? Isn't it like first come, first served?

I told her no thank you. I wasn't interested in it, even if the other person didn't show. I secretly hoped they wouldn't. Yes, I'm passive agressive. I wanted it though. Had she asked me to pay with pay pal I would have. Had she asked me to give her husband (in Chandler) a deposit, I would have. I didn't think she was going to give it away. :(


merathon said...

i had a very similar craigslist incident happen to me and i am STILL bitter about it! there should definitely be a rule book for situations like these, since obviously some people don't understand how to be courteous!

Audrey said...

I had the reverse of this story happen to me. We sold our washer and dryer set on craigslist. A guy called me and we arranged a time for him to come and pick them up. I had at least 5 other people email me right after him, but I told them that I already had a buyer. Then, he never showed up, so I called him and he was like, "Oh well, I'm at work and I can't just leave." WHAT??? I told him that I had several other buyers who were interested and I had turned all of them down to save the set for him. He was like, "Well, I guess you should just sell it to them instead." You dork, they've probably already bought elsewhere by this time!!! I was sooo mad.
That's the deal with craigslist I guess--you're dealing with the general public.

Petertammenson said...

Yeah, Craigslist etiquette...It stinks. When we left Peabody Terrace we put a ton of stuff on Craigslist and I kept a running list of who called or emailed first about it and then I'd wait till the first person showed up and then go to the 2nd respondent etc. I'd have people call days after the first person had "made their appointment" and they'd complain, "But have they picked it up yet??" That was beside the point. Guess that's what we get for being too lazy to haunt garage sales!