Thursday, September 18

Three months, laughing, and teething

Yes, I know three months (and a few weeks) is early to be teething, but Eliot is. Aren't we so lucky? The other night she was crying/screaming and refused to take her bottle unless we fed it to her while she was sitting up, in our laps, while sitting two feet away from the TV and watching the Daily Show. How we figured this out I don't know.

She's also started laughing.

I want to make her some cute headbands. I've seen several cute ones on your little ones. Would you please pass along your info as to how to make them? Eliot needs to be cute, too.


Ryan said...

That was an intense little laugh at the end there! I love it. And the bracelet! Kiana is still too little for it (I birthed a midget) but since I took out her earrings (sigh) she is in desperate need of a little bling. Happy day... a cute bracelet in the mail. I will pass along the card.

My bows didn't make it through the summer so I am just buying them from now on. They are freakin' all over Utah.

Ryan said...

I'm bethany

merathon said...

3 months? kendall got her first tooth at 19 months! yes, we've got the late teething genes going on over here!

thank you SO much for the adorable bracelet! we love it and it was so sweet of you to send it. our baby is all blinged out now!

emilyaaa said...

Okay, some of Eliza's bows are ones i made, and some i bought. There's this stretchy ribbon that you can buy by the yard at Joann stores-- it's white, adn then you can add on little flowers or whatever. it's over by all the ribbons/decorative trim.

And then there's even cuter stretchy ribbon that i got at Hobby Lobby. It's the brown ribbon on Eliza's head in the picture where Reid's holding her and she's in a pink and brown striped sleeper. I made that head band, and then my friend made the bow--she glued ribbon around one of those pinch-open hair clips, glued a flower to that, and voila! Then I made a little loop around the headband, and the flower clips right onto the loop--does this make any sense? lemme know if you want close ups of the flower part. your Eliot, by the way, is beautiful!!!