Sunday, August 24

Another one for the grandparents and uncles

**Disclaimer: I'm sure these videos are just cute to (Bethany- pardon me for stealing the phrase) people genetically obligated to love my child. To everyone else I'm sure it's just a baby doing nothing. I know that I'm doing the "my baby is the most adorable thing ever and everything she does is something that no other baby has ever done" but I'm okay with it. I know that she's doing what babies all over are doing but it's super special because she's mine.**

Eliot is "talking". We think her stories are so fun. We're so glad she does something now :)

She's also just recently discovered that her bouncy chair has toys. The turtle's name is Petey and the poodle's name is Lola. For the first while, she just starred at Petey. Now she is able to grab them both and get them to her mouth. These toys keep her entertained for about half an hour. She has no interest in them if they aren't hanging from the bar though. Oh, I feel like she's already grown so much and she's only 2.5 months.


Bethany said...

Guess what? Eliot totally looks like your mama! Lucky little girl (and very advanced vocabulary if you ask me).

I am resending your package tom. Sorry I am such a slacker!

todd said...

sis, she is so cute... i'm so happy for u. i love u and hope everything is going well for u.


p.s. tell tyda elmo hello

Sarah Jayne said...

Oh she's so cute!!! I just want to squeeze her little legs! I love the babbling. It just keeps getting more and more fun watching them grow!

Heather said...

Just darling! What a sweet girl--and we love seeing videos even if we're not related!