Wednesday, July 9

Time for NOTHING!

Who would have thought that I'd feel like I'd accomplished something if I was able to wash all six of the bottles at one time? On the rare occasion that Eliot decides to sleep for longer than ten minutes during the day, I have to decide whether I want to shower, start the dishwasher (which would require loading it), empty the trash, get the mail, or take a nap. It will only be one of these things. For me to expect to do anything more than just one thing on my pretend-to-do list would be completely obsurd. Somehow the time passes and nighttime comes even though I've done what I feel is nothing. For those of you who have more than one child, I have but one question: How do you get anything done?

Eliot is now one month old. I feel like I'm sort of getting the hang of this. Maybe in another month I will be able to accomplish two items from my list.


merathon said...

she is just TOO cute! and just to ease your mind, when you have two kids, once your youngest is a little older, they can play together to help entertain each other while you can get some things done! not sure how it works with three though-- keep you posted!

Bethany said...

Enter Baby Bjorn... the best invention in the world.

But really, the dishes can sit. Eliot will only be THIS Eliot today. And, oh, she is beautiful!

Sarah Jayne said...

You guys look fabulous! It gets much much easier, I promise. But take all the time in the world to be with that adorable baby. It goes too fast to wish you had done the dishes instead!