Friday, April 18

Mandatory Exertion Decrease

I've voluntarily put myself on pseudo-couch rest. What is this? It is as lazy as I can get without officially being on bed rest.

The temperature here is already climbing in to the 90s. I'm hot. I sip at ice cold water with loads of ice (and I normally HATE ice) all day long just to feel some sort of cold refreshment. I've been s...l...o...w...l...y packing up our belongings for our move in a few weeks (we close on our house on the 23rd!) and after putting a few items in a box, I have to sit down. Then I put a few more in and have to sit down. Then I tape up the box and have to sit down. I'm absolutely pooped.

My favorite event of the past few weeks has been grocery shopping. I get up and shower and then head to the store before eating lunch. I know that grocery shopping on an empty stomach is like the number one shopping sin but I'm not really in my right mind. I cannot be held accountable. So while I'm at the grocery store, my blood sugar starts to drop and I start getting shaky. Then I start feeling super hot. So I hurry up with my shopping and rush out to the car where I rip open the most sugar filled item I've just purchased (lately there have been many to choose from) and down it with hopes that it will be metabolized before I become the pregnant woman who passed out it the Fry's parking lot. This whole scenario has happened twice. I know I should have learned my lesson the first time and eaten before I went to the store, but like I said, I am not in my right mind. I just figured the first time was a fluke.

Being nauseous for three months was quite a challenge. This new development of my mind thinking I can do something but my body not being able to rise to the occasion is sort of trippy. I've always been super active and able to do so much. In the gym, I would strive to have each workout be the hardest I have every had. Lately, my workout of putting the dishes away is taking its toll. Being pregnant is so weird!

Most of my dreams lately have taken place in a gym. I guess I'm excited for the time when I can physically push myself again. For now though, I will keep my activity to a minimum. During our upcoming move it's going to be hard to just sit back and not do anything. Maybe it's a good thing I'm not physically able. Like now. I'm not physically able to keep typing because my fingers and starting to shake and my arms feel a little numb. Why is this? Because it's time for lunch and my body is letting me know. I wish I could go back to a grumbling stomach. It was so much better.


merathon said...

i saw your list of things to buy for the baby and i wanted to suggest something as an alternative to the Baby Bjorn. that is what i got when i had my first, but now i am thinking about getting an Ergo baby carrier. everyone here that i know who has had a baby within the last year (about 15 women) has one and SWEARS by them. apparently they are so much more comfortable for you and the baby. all i know is i'm gonna go check one out. here's the website:

good luck with your "couch rest"! i'm gettin' there myself!

Heather said...

You are absolutely allowed to wallow in your uncomfortableness. I remember how hard it was to go grocery shopping--I had to bring a purse full of snacks to make it through. Th second best thing about giving birth (the first being the baby you get to keep) is that you're not pregnant anymore! You can sleep on your stomach, tie your shoes, wear cute clothes--it will be here soon!