Tuesday, April 22

Earth Day

I've been watching different programs on saving the earth ALL DAY LONG! I've received several good ideas like:

*a surge protector that turns off the other items plugged into it when the main item is switched off (turning off the tv turns off the power to the vcr, dvd, wii, etc)
*Takeout containers made from potatoes and corn syrup
*Reuseable shopping bags (this is something I've been doing and the grocery store gives me a discount for each bag I bring)

But on all these shows that pretend to love the earth because today it's cool to do so I've seen some stupid/excessive ideas. My favorite of the day is the woman claiming that she's saving the earth because she uses a staple free stapler. It punches a hole that wraps the paper around itself so it uses no metal. This is a cool idea but saving the earth by saving a staple? Please.
I'm surprised by how many different shows were about saving the earth today. I hope it's because they really care and not just because they know that "being green" is a hot topic.


Audrey said...

You must be a lawyer's wife if you find yourself doubting the truly generous and loving nature of the individuals who are trying to save the planet. Then you see them on the weekend in their gas guzzlers living in their mansions that cost more money to run for one week than your house does for a year.