Tuesday, February 5

Why do I do it to myself?

I don't like Rachael Ray. She gets on my nerves. I don't like her little Rach-isms: EVOO, everyone into the hot tub, YUM-O, Delish, how good is that?, the sounds that each of her spices makes while she's grating them, I'll see you when I see you,... I could go on...

While I don't like her, I find that I watch her on TV almost every day. Every day I give her another chance to annoy me. I even sometimes follow some of her recipies. I do have to say, some of her ideas are pretty good- when I use the idea and make it my own. When I use her exact recipe, I find it's lacking in flavor and sort of heavy. Her ideas of a little butter is about two tablespoons. She uses a rue to make gravy for most of her meals. I think if I followed her "What's for dinner" ideas every night, I'd gain pounds about as quickly as if I ate Snickers for dinner.

Do I watch her because there's nothing else on?
Do I watch her because I secretly like her?
Maybe I should learn to like her.

I don't really want to like her.
Maybe I should find something else to watch.


Bethany said...

I don't much like her either. She is too... precious.

My mom thinks I look olike her.

Do you?

Oh, I though of another thing you HAVE TO HAVE. It's called a miracle blanket, but basically it is a tiny straight jacket. It takes a few nights for the baby to get use to it, but once they do nights get way better!

Audrey said...

Okay, isn't this the point where friends and family gather together and stage an intervention? You're hurting yourself. It has to stop. You need to admit you have an addiction. Once you can admit this to yourself, we can get you treatment. Until then...well, you're living a lie.

Blume Bunch said...

haha. and if i see her on oprah one more time mixing drinks together i think im going to die! :) (ps notice how oprah pimps out RR because her "harpo" productions does rachels show....you cant fool me oprah hahaha).

moosh in indy. said...

She bugs the daylights out of me for the exact same reasons (three turns around the pan) but the girl comes up with some stellar recipes.
It's also a jealously thing, she's self taught and really rich.
(Anyone want to pay me lots of money? Anyone? Anyone?)
BUT! She can't bake to save her life and I can.