Tuesday, February 5

Need Ideas!

My brother wants to ask out this girl (oooh, college days) and wants a fun idea of something to do. I was no help to him so I am asking others. Do any of you have fun dates that he could do? I should mention he's in Idaho and it's totally cold. Makes ideas a little harder. I need some creativity, ladies.


John and Laura Hall said...

Well as incredibly cheesy as this is, I know how it is in good old Rexburg, and you really have to work hard for something fun to do. I heard of someone going on a double date, and playing hide and seek in their cars. I dont know details, but it has the possibility of being fun??? maybe?? I dont know. I never got asked on any dates, so I dont know. Good luck Chris!

Chelsi & Eric said...

eric suggests doing anything that has to do with snow: make a snow cave and makeout in it, go snowshoeing, cross country skiing, downhill skiing, sledding, set up an ambush and pummel roommates with snowballs as they arrive home, etc.