Thursday, December 27

Pregnancy Sucks

I am not a happy pregnant woman. I think I thought I would be. I'd be a cute mom-to-be in cute maternity clothes and I'd never have morning sickness and my biggest problem would be choosing a name for my perfect baby to be.

Wow, was I dumb. Being pregnant stinks. First, before I even got sick with the morning sickness I wasn't going to have, I had to stop my laser hair removal treatments. If you know me, you know I hate hair. It's been my dream to have laser hair removal for years and now that we are in Phoenix, I'd found a great place with awesome prices that refuses to laser pregnant women. So, all the progress I'd made is for not as all my hair has grown back- plus some. And, as I look at the picture I downloaded to put with this blog, I notice that she has a lot of hair on her belly. I don't have that and I best not have that EVER! Oh, being pregnant stinks.

The reason I'm really hating pregnancy though has to do with my ability to feel queasy while pregnant. I spent all of my second and third months feeling nauseated but never throwing up. This gross sickness (that happened only at night and lasted all night long) finally went away, I had hoped for good.

For the past three days I've been sick again. I feel like my stomach is all in knots and waiting to just do something. It just aches. And, I'm discovering the pain associated with heartburn. Last night I was finally able to get an hour of sleep when I was awoken by the worst burning sensation right under my sternum. After sitting up, it subsided a bit, leading me to believe it's heartburn. And, gross as it is, I think it's possible to be constipated with diarrhea. Everything from my shoulders to my hips hurts. Oh, being pregnant sucks.

And, to top it all off, I have a cold and cough and sound like crap. My face has been broken out for four months straight and I've lost 15 pounds since getting pregnant because of my aversion to food. I used to love food. Now I hate it. I think my body is mad at me for getting pregnant.

**UPDATE**: I think I have food poisoning. We ate Chinese food on Monday (the start of all my ailments) and I was the only one who ate soup. It makes me feel better to know that I'm not starting a new cycle of morning sickness. Food poisoning I can get over.


Bethany said...

Amen sista!

I still have morning sickness and I am having the baby tomorrow.

I am sad for you!

Unisom really helps with the nighttime/morning nausea. I take one before I go to bed and it helps me so much!

As for the hair/acne problem... that's just pregnancy's way of kicking you while you're already down. Wait till the hemroids kick in...

Blume Bunch said...

You are too much! :) I love reading your blog, because in my head I somehow still hear your voice saying these things with emphasis on certain words and then laughing after complaining. :) NOt sure if youre laughing much anymore because of the alien parasite that has taken over your body.....Hopefully things ease up on you....You will appreciate having your body to yourself so much more now :) Hope you had an ok christmas....besides cursing your parasite :)

Audrey said...

Yikes! The only consolation I can provide you is that you are getting the most amazing person you can imagine--better than you can ever imagine in fact--out of this misery.
I have to say that I didn't notice your skin looking bad at all at the Christmas party, so you must have totally amazing skin normally. I personally have great skin while pregnant then look like a teenager for several months afterward.
As for the heartburn, get to your ob. It's totally safe to take Prilosec while preggo. I did with Owen (he was 9 pounds at birth and there was no where for that food to go).
Sorry you're in such misery. Sounds like you need a major calling or to come to book club to get your mind off of this.

Chelsi & Eric said...

i was going to be cute, too! and then i gained 50 pounds, broke out, and became a gas machine. trust me, that's anything but cute. what's with the pregnant women that look not so from the back, with no back fat and no flabby arms? i'm trying to avoid seeing people i haven't seen in a long time because i'm so scared i'll get the look that says, "wow, she really let herself go!" but that's what happens when your body craves meat and potatoes, and you can't do the same workouts you used to! anyway, tums really works for me for heartburn, and i think the peppermint kind are really yummy. i had morning sickness until i was about 4 months along, but it did finally go away. good luck, and you can email me your prego woes whenever you like!

John and Laura Hall said...

Hey Steph! How are you and the babe? I hope things are looking up for you. Miss you! Love, La