Thursday, December 20

Contacting the Landlord

We have this tree in our backyard. The tree is so large and our backyard so small that all we have in our backyard is this tree. Well, our duties concerning this tree, as per our landlord, are to keep in trimmed so it doesn't touch the house and nothing else.

We started to notice that the tree was leaning about three months ago. We talked to some friends about it and the general consensus was that the tree leaning wasn't really our problem as long as it was trimmed. So, we've left it.

Now, I fear we may have quite a predicament on our hands. The tree leans at a 45 degree angle. I even took my protractor to measure to what degree my concern should be. I don't really care that it's leaning. I hate the tree. If we didn't have the tree we could go outside without fearing our eyes would be poked out by branches. But, the tree came with the house. We're stuck with it.

So, Tyler contacted the landlord to let him know of our leaning problem. The landlord told us to contact the builder (yeah, he's a great landlord). The builders haven't called back. I feel like we've done what we can. So, the tree will continue to lean. Maybe it will even start growing completely horizontal. That'd be quite the site. If that does happen (maybe in three more months) I'll post that.


Chelsi & Eric said...

so this must be one of the reasons you hate your house? whoever lives below us smokes and next door they are remodeling, so for some reason we have dust all over our apartment. inside drawers, on our picture frames, and i'm talking sawdust! one day....won't a real home be nice?