Tuesday, January 1

Why New Year's is a let down

Why does New Year's Eve come with such large expectations? Is it due to the fact that a whole new year rests on the fate of one night? Is it so we are reminded that we are fun and do know how to stay up past 10 pm- at least on special occasions? Is it because the people who place these expectations are reminiscing about parties of old that can't be remembered in their entirety due to the large amount of alcohol that was consumed?

As my new year begins, I feel no sense of remorse over things I have done this last year. I don't even feel any sense of pride over these same things. I expect that next New Year's, my feelings will most likely be the exact same. No celebration of out with the old and in with the new. Every day is something new. A year is a long time to wait to start a new resolution. And yet, it's not all that long. I know that this time next year, I will be thinking, "Wow. That was a year ago? It went so fast." And most likely, I still will not understand the expectations associated with starting a new year- the start of which happens whether I'm ready for it, or not.


Bethany said...

And let's talk about New Year's kisses. I've only had two in my whole life. I keep falling asleep. This year I was busy nursing. Not the same thing.

Audrey said...

I think it's great you blogged about this because I too believe this is the most overrated holiday of the year. I think if we were alcoholics, it would likely be more fun.
Next Saturday at 11 is the book club (Mansfield Park). Still want to come?

Jack and Annie said...

Yes I agree! Wait till you have a baby then time goes even FASTER!