Saturday, May 7

Teach the Children

There's a woman who guest posted on a blog I read. Here's the post.

In her post, she shared some info that I want to write down but it's not exactly feasible at this exact second. So, here it is. Copied in all it's greatness. Now, when I do find a pen, I'll be able to write it somewhere.

If I had to, I could narrow it down to two things I hope my children never forget. Two things that I hope I have taught them to do. The first one is: You help the people you love when they need it. You help them when it isn’t convenient, when it isn’t easy, when it isn’t fun. You help them, even if part of you would rather be doing something else. You help them grieve or you help them celebrate. You wipe their tears or clean their bathroom. Because loving people means serving them.

The second thing I hope my children remember is this: Sometimes you have to say no. Sometimes you have to put yourself first and say ‘I can’t help you today.’ There are times you need to unplug the phone, clear your schedule and take care of you. When you truly need to do that, it isn’t selfish and it isn’t something you should feel guilty about doing. It is loving yourself. And that is as important as loving others.

I want to teach my kids something important. Right now the important thing I'm teaching is that if you're going to take the toys from your sister, make sure you "trade" so she doesn't know she's getting the short end of the stick. Also, when we eat fast food for lunch, we throw the trash away BEFORE we get home so Daddy doesn't see. I think I like her second point because a lot of the time, I want to tell everyone (kids included) that I can't help them today.

Man, this mom thing is hard. Mom, I don't know how you did it. I surely know I didn't thank you enough for it! So, THANK YOU. thanks. Thank you! Dae dum (that's how my little brother used to say it.)