Sunday, April 24

Need a light?

We've got night lights coming out of our ears!
Do you want to make one, too?

1. Go to the craft store. Pick yourself up a Kraft Block (or Cube or Kube as it may be)
2. Don't forget the strand of christmas lights. (typically right next to the blocks)
3. Cover the block with anything. These are covered in a layer of tissue paper that's been Mod Podged on. Then, I took paper flowers and glued those on. Then topped it off with glitter glue dots. The black dots are puff paint. Cooper's circles are just paint. Then, both got named with the sticker letters from the scrapbook section. Simple, simple, simple.

4. Stuff the christmas lights into the hole (that's been previous drilled by the Krafty Kube people) and plug in.



Lori said...

Seriously cute! I am so NOT crafty though, I have a feeling it would look terrible. So how much would you charge to make one for me? :)

designHER Momma said...

ok, THAT is awesome! My girls would love these in their rooms. I might just have to copy you...

Audrey said...

Those are great!

Tiff G. said...! my boys would love these, think i'll have to make them for them! steph, you are diy wonderwoman!