Monday, August 16

When are you due?

My "official" due date is in 32 days.
that seems WAY too long for me.

My "it could happen" date is in 22 days.
10 days early... aka how early Eliot arrived.

My "I'm a positive thinker and I believe that the mind
can make anything happen" date is in 11 days.
baby will be 37 weeks.

Please forgive me if you ask me when I'm due and I give you some random number.

If I'm feeling HUGE, I'll tell you I'm due sooner.
If I want you to feel sorry for me, I'll tell you my real date.
If you're the stupid guy at the grocery store, you'll take away my ability to lie by saying, "I would ask you when you're due but I think it's more appropriate to ask you how far past you are." thanks guy. thanks.


Robyn said...

Ouch. If a man asks when you're due/how far past you are, ask him when he's due or how far past he is for his next prostate exam. Same thing goes for women - exepct not prostate exam, full psychological evaluation . . . see what happens when you say it . . .