Monday, June 14

Well, she's two now.
She had an Elmo party with Elmo cake and Elmo plates.

She's been telling anyone who would listen about her party for the past month. Now that it's over, she hasn't really mentioned it. The only sign that she has a recollection of the events is her random statement "happy birthday to you."
She was kind of tired after running around the hot backyard.
She's really loving tv. It used to be only Elmo's World. We then made the mistake of renting Bert and Ernie's Great Adventures. Now all we can watch is "Buht and Ehnie". Her favorite segment of the movie is Buht and Ehnie and Ehmo. I've never want to destroy something so bad.
She was able to get Grandpa Bruce to watch with her. If I have to watch it again I'm going to poke out my eyes.

I've been able to put ponytails in her hair if I bribe her with candy and tell her I'm going to take a picture. Once I get them in she keeps them in. We're making progress.


Sarah Jayne said...

I can't believe how big she looks! I hardly recognize her as the same baby from your other posts.

I love our double stroller. The best part is that the back seat also converts into the "stand" version and Jonah loves to use it as a skateboard and it keeps me from going insane on shopping trips because he can get in/out as he pleases (not such a good thing when they're younger but he's good about staying with us now). It's plenty roomy for him still with the seat installed in the back even with his long legs so, yeah, we like it!

I hope you're feeling well and are having fun getting ready for baby #2. Wish we could catch up for reals.

Gwen said...

Impressive cake!