Tuesday, April 6

My (Almost) 2 Year Old is Worse Than Yours!

How could I say that about my child?
Well, it's true.
I will be giving examples in a moment. First, I need to explain that although she's the worst, she's also taught me about unconditional love. She does all these things and I still love her. Even Tyler doesn't get that kind of love ;)

A) she regularly builds sand castles inside the house. on. the. carpet. and while I'm cleaning up the first one, she builds a second.
B) she climbed over the child gate into my bathroom and found herself the perfect shade of nail polish. When I found her and picked her up to get her out of the bathroom, she chucked the nail polish on our two-month old tile floor and then laughed as it exploded and splashed ALL OVER the bathroom.
C) she throws her watermelon AT the cat.
D) I don't want to spank my children. However, I was REALLY fed up after trying to get her dressed one day and so I smacked her bottom. She laughed.
E) she doesn't take her naps anymore. Instead, she takes off her clothes.

I'm sure there will be more. I know she's just a normal two year old. On most days, I feel like she's the worst. I also know she's my best friend and it's hard to imagine loving anything as much as I love her.


Audrey said...

I think it's amazing how you can really truly love someone who gives you so much grief, but I feel the same way at the end of each of my days too. I think there's just something so true about learning to love through service. What greater service than being a mother?

Lori said...

At least her antics are giving the rest of us something to laugh about. Never mind, I take that back because it will probably be me in 6 months when I have a 2 year old...