Wednesday, March 31

Pee Pee

I'm already sick of that word and it's only been twelve hours.

We've started potty training. Eliot thinks it's great to be able to go peepee on the froggy (her training toilet) and then hear Mom shout and scream about how wonderful she is. She also thinks the M&Ms I'm giving her are quite awesome. So awesome that 30 seconds- no joke- after going pee, she'll come back to the toilet and pee again. The second time is not quite so awesome as there's nothing left. I quickly caught on to her little M&M attaining game and have since limited the prizes.

She's got this whole pee on the pot thing down. She hasn't yet made a deuce (how in the world am I supposed to phrase that?) but I don't care. I don't really want to clean that out of the toilet anyhow.

I'm not really ready to be potty training my 21 month old. Unfortunately, Eliot doesn't care. She's ready. For the past few weeks, her diapers have been coming off and not going back on all day long. I was so sick of fighting her nakedness that I figured I should just start the potty training fight instead.

Sucky thing about this whole process is although she's got it down, her nakedness hasn't improved. We bought her cute new Hello Kitty undies. She carries them around. She likes to hoard things like a bag lady. She doesn't EVER put them on though. Yesterday she spent eight hours bottomless. I'm not planning on today being any better.

At least today she's found the hand sanitizer and is currently outside sanitizing her whole body. Sanitizer baths totally count, right? Oh crap, she's eating it. Got to go.


Julianne said...

too funny!

Bethany said...

Ha ha! Great post. Even better picture. I love the angle so you got the bum and the belly in one shot!

Jack and Annie said...

LOL! Well hopefully she will catch on quick and you will be diaper free for a few months before baby #2 comes! Maybe she can get Gabi interested! :)