Sunday, September 13

Life in Short Sentences

Sometimes it rains.
Three online classes left til graduation.
Training for half and full marathons.
Garage door spring broke.
Cars stuck inside.

Got hair cut.
Went to movie by myself.
Going to Chicago.
Colder temperatures there.
Going to Mexico.
No kids or husbands!
Tried to post videos.
Gave up.
The end.


Audrey said...

Okay wait. You're training for a marathon? What's in Mexico? What are you graduating in?

Steph Bowen said...

Yes, I've lost my mind and am training for a marathon. A vacation is in Mexico. When I finish those three online classes I will have my bachelors from BYU in Exercise Science.

Shannon said...

I love going to movies by myself. I feel free and adventurous, and that doesn't happen much in my life.

Jack and Annie said...

Congrats on being so close to finishing your degree! I can only dream! LOL BTW you are looking thin and sexy with your new haircut! I am impressed about your training for a marathon!

Robyn said...

Solo en Mexico! Bravada!

Shauni said...

Cute haircut!! AND I love the color. It's so hard to get it done right. When and where are you going in mexico???