Thursday, May 7

10 things

I like:
1. This lovely backyard of mine. The flowers bloom and the birds and the cat fight. Seriously, what could be better?

2. Child locks. Someone must have been REALLY fed up with constantly picking up the contents of the cupboard to invent these little sanity-savers.

3. Dr. Pepper. I am currently enrolled in a detox program where I am the director, the counselor, the fellow patients. Yeah, I think I'm pretty much sure to relapse.

4. McDonald's Chocolate Chip Cookies. 3 for 99 cents, slightly chewy, never stale, available without getting out of your car... Yeah, I know- AWESOME!!!

5. Pretty toe polish. It's a good day when even I am satisfied with my end result.

6. Baby Wipes. They clean everything! I've pretty much given up showering with water for the oh-so-fresh feeling baby wipes leave. Not to mention the fact that you can use them to wipe the baby, the cat, the floor, the car, the cart, your hands, your husband's hands, your husband's other parts that stink...

7. A child who knows how to get what she wants. No baby proofing mechanism can stop this little rascal. She likes to constantly challenge her mother's sanity by creating, what I'm going to now call, the ever mess that is my house. A child who knows how to open cupboards and drawers and toilet lids and refrigerators is what I've always wanted! And yes, that is the entire feminine protection selection from under my sink.

8. The A/C. I love this device that cools my ever hot body. In an area where it feels like the molten-hot magma is going to come flowing from the ground every day from May- Sept, this wonderful machine is the hammock and blended drink with mini umbrella.

9. Sunless self tanner. It's okay being orange. Getting truly tan is just too much work.

10. Plants I cannot kill. There is something satisfying knowing that some things are able to survive even with all of the things I do working against them. I'd like to be equal opportunity and include weeds in this category too.


Audrey said...

You are such a funny girl. I wish you lived closer. Why don't we plan a play date for us and the kids can tag along?

Chelsi Ritter said...

i'm so with you on the wipes. i use them to dust off my furniture, too. they're awesome. and i always have a ton in the car when soap and water aren't handy. also, i love love love clinique sunless tanning lotion. i wish they would have had this when i was in high school! i'm going to raise my girls on the stuff; it looks very natural and obviously doesn't give you any wrinkles! as i get older, i'm finally understanding the value of "anti-aging" products, and having younger looking skin.