Monday, January 26

No more worries!

I reported for duty (jury) today.  I informed the judge I needed to speak with her.  SCARY!  I told the truth about being freaked out and relating it to a previous experience where I had to testify and not being able to separate that experience with this new experience.  I told her that although I said I was able to be fair, I was being optimistic and I cannot.  

And now...

I'M FREE!!!  I was dismissed as juror #10 and free from having to deal with yucky stories.  I can now go back to my own, safe little world where I avoid things I don't like and surround myself with big fluffy things and lots of sweet words and foods and (I can't think of other things that are sweet, but I'm sure there in this place too.).


Tiff G. said...

hallelujah sista!! No go surround yourself with all things fluffy, you deserve it!! :)

Sarah Jayne said...

I'm breathing a sigh of relief for you....hhaaaaaaahhh.