Thursday, January 22

A moment of silence, please...

Stephanie has been selected not only for jury duty, but as one of the special twelve (or fifteen as it may be).  Sadness and despair fill Stephanie's soul as this civic obligation to which she just keeps thinking of things she should have said... 

"Yes, I believe that CSI is real life and the way to which real life should operate.  No, I cannot leave this belief at the door and be a fair and unbiased juror..."  
"Yes, I believe that someone in a uniform tells the truth better than someone without a title.  No, I cannot be fair and unbiased."
"Yes, the fact that my husband is an attorney affects my ability to be fair and unbiased in this case."

FAIR and UNBIASED!!!  I should have told them I lacked the ability to follow the courts instruction to only use the facts presented in the case and not fall upon any of my own experiences to be fair and unbiased.  (Seriously, that was asked after EVERY question, to every potential juror.)  

Things aren't fair!  Like the fact that I have to do this.  And I'm totally biased!  Screw equality.  The only way I think we're equal is that I think everyone sucks, equally.  

Do you think it's would be okay for me to call and say that I can't do this (there are three alternates) because I have no one to watch Eliot- I DON'T WANT ANY VOLUNTEERS!  I could tell them that I was planning on having Tyler watch her and work from home but now  he has to go to New York for trial (this is all totally true).  Do you think I should try to get out of it?

BTW- it's a molestation case.  Now do you think I should try to get out of it?


emilyaaa said...

stephanie--get out of it, however you can!!! i guess you probably shouldn't straight out LIE, but honestly, those kinds of cases seem REALLY disturbing and like they'd be REALLY hard to not "bring home" with you...and not to think about for years to come!! but, at the same time, you could be the person who locks up a guy who deserves it...which would actually be pretty cool. So, now i'm actually torn...and anxious to see what you decide!!

btw, i LOVE all those canvases you have on ETSY--i had no idea you were doing those, they're awesome!! you kick butt, girl!

Jack and Annie said...

OH man! I got called for jury duty and forgot to call the night before to see if I had to go...I completely forgot about the entire thing! Whoops! LOL Hope you can get out of it, but do tell the truth ;)

Sarah Jayne said...

Yikes. I've never actually known someone that has had to do that! I hope you're able to make a decision because you're getting no help from me!! I wouldn't know what the heck to do either. Good luck with all that!