Friday, August 8

Buy My Stuff!!!

I've started a business. I think it's a great business. I'd like you to think it's great, too.

I made Eliot the cutest bracelet EVER! Everyone else thought so, too. I decided that I'd share my talents with the world. So, check out the website. Go ahead and order. I'd be willing to give my dear blogging friends major discounts if they'd agree to give out my cards when people comment on the bracelets- which if your experience is anything like mine, lots of people comment.

I'm using only the best quality stuff. Sterling silver on all the clasps and silver beads. Glass and Swarovski crystals for all the colored and fun stuff. And, I'd love to do something custom for you. I like the funkier stuff (blacks and patterns) but if you'd like softer and cuter then I can do that, too.

So, check it out. Let me know what you think. Check the website often as I'm slow to upload all of the inventory I've made.



John and Laura Hall said...

Very very cute! What a great idea. Love the blessing dress, and pictures too. I would love to meet the little lady.

ty and megs said...

cute steph! i love etsy!