Tuesday, May 20

I'm sooo amazing (amazing to be said with dripping sarcasm)

We moved in to our house and I immediately began decorating in my head. The thing with my decorating is that I am very frugal. Especially with wall decor, I am able to see something and recreate it in a way that doesn't cost anywhere near what the original does. I have been going non stop on projects for our house for the past two weeks. I am exhausted. I am sick of paints and mod podge. I hate Joanns (not really). But, I have some pretty cool things to show for my hard work.

This "series" wasn't done by me but by IKEA. I did cut down a 25 cent place mat for the picture on the left. The three pics were $8.
This was done with that blasted mod podge I mentioned before. The colors were all cut from tissue paper and layered and layered and layered until this is what happened. I'm not quite sure I love it. Maybe it will grow on me.

These nine pictures cost $11 for the canvases. I got the pictures from the internet and then transferred them to the painted canvas. They were pretty easy but sure took a long time!
This is the shade from Target that I added fabric to so it wasn't quite so boring. I didn't even sew the fabric on (I was feeling lazy) but used Wonder Under. It's wonderful :)
These pillows were my first attempt ever. They were so easy. They are all double sided with coordinating fabrics. IKEA has the most wonderful fabrics!
This picture is for the baby's room. The birds on the trees is one big sheet of paper ($3) that I framed and then cut out a bigger orange bird from a coordinating paper. (If you can't tell the big orange blob is a bird it's okay. Tyler couldn't tell either.)
These are lady bugs that I copied from prints that pottery barn is selling currently. I cut out the shapes with scrapbook paper and then mod podged (again? I know. Can you tell why I'm sick of it?) the papers to canvas. This was the fastest project of them all.
Finally, this lamp. I did not make this!!! This was my mother's day gift from Tyler. I just think it's awesome.

I was rereading the previous post with our house pictures and I noticed that the house has changed a bit even from when those were taken. I will post more up to date pictures soon.


Sarah Jayne said...

Looks awesome! How you're finding the energy to do that being that you're about to pop is beyond me! So extra points to you!!

Audrey said...

I never knew you were so crafty. I am totally and completely impressed. I need to have you over to help me with art work for my walls. I am being totally serious about this. You need to come over and help me decide things for my walls.

ty & megs said...

we have that 25 cent IKEA place mat too! very cute ideas. i LOVE the birds for the baby's room. so darling!

Emily said...

wow...i'm so impressed! seriously...when I was that pregnant, I was watching tv and eating bon bons...literally. I did nothing! go you! You're house is amazing!

Jack and Annie said...

So cute girl! Will you be my interior decorator? Of course I have to get a house first....details details... sigh.