Thursday, May 29

Can the baby come now?

My due date is getting close. I'm getting really excited but not for the baby. Having a baby sort of scares me. I'm really excited to get to exercise again without gasping for air or getting cramps in my hips, calves, stomach, etc. I'd also LOVE to sleep on my back. I'm not expecting to get a lot of sleep but I sure will cherish what I do get if I can sleep on my back.

At my doctor's appointment on Tuesday I was 2cm dialated. How long can someone stay that dialated? Probably a long time. And I'm having contractions but they more just feel like PMS cramps. That is one thing I have not missed while being pregnant. Now I get to have them and be pregnant? This stinks. Being pregnant was nice. Now I'm done. Can the baby come now?


merathon said...

i hear ya-- amen to everything you're complaining about. now that it's the third time around, i have even less patience for it all. whenever i see people outside running like they could just keep going forever, i want to cry. i can't wait till that is ME again! good luck in your final days! try to enjoy them since your life as you know it is all about to change!

Jack and Annie said...

I know a lady in our ward who was at a 4 for a month. Then I know another lady who went from 0 to baby in just a few hours. So it's all really relative...Enjoy your final weeks..or maybe days.:)

Bethany said...

You want that baby to come RIGHT NOW? Here's what you do:

Eat egg plant and wash it down with caster oil.

While having sex.

Upside down.

Works every time.

Let the force be with you.

PS Ummm... your house looks amazing. I am so going to copy your ideas and pretend like I thought of them myself.

Heather said...

Pregnancy must be so uncomfortable at the end so you actually look forward to labor instead of being scared of it. Good luck when it finally happens!!