Friday, March 28


I love being around family. It's just such a nice and comfortable feeling that few other things compare to.

I recently went home to Colorado for a baby shower. Why go all the way home? In Phoenix, I don't have enough friends to have a shower. It was great getting baby stuff. Who knew they'd need so much!

After spending five days at home, my mom and my brother came back to Phoenix with me for spring break. It was so fun having them here! I love waking up and having people to talk to. I love all the laughing and entertaining that is just so comfortable because it's with family.
The sad times come when it's time to go home. Whether it's me going home or me sending someone else off, the quietness that remains is almost deafening. I've never been good saying goodbye. This time was no different. I dropped them off this morning and then didn't know what to do with myself.
I'm excited for the baby to come so that I can have someone with whom to make noise. I'm excited to have someone always around. I also know that I need to make some friends! I need to have someone to call when my mom is on the plane (and her phone must be turned off) and my husband is on conference calls all day (unable to converse with lonely wife). For now, I'm so glad to have family- especially mine! They're the greatest.


The Bohmans said...

Look at your cute family, your cute mom, and your cute belly! Get ready'll never have quiet again and you're going to love it! I completely understand. I'm excited for you!

Bethany said...

Sorry you feel lonely. I was is the same postition when I was pregnant with Doug. I did LOTS of projects to keep myself busy.

Did you get a lot of loot in Colorado? I wish I could have been there!

Sarah Jayne said...

The family looks great! I can't believe how big the boys are!! It's been a while. Tell your mom and dad hi for me!
Wish I could have celebrated baby with you. Is there anything you need and didn't get? LET ME KNOW!!! I love buying baby presents!!