Saturday, March 15

Discussion Boards:

I have two topics to which I would like to pose for discussion.

First, how much were your out of pocket costs for delivering a baby? I'm trying to get as prepared as I can before this baby comes.

Second, how do you feel about vaccinating your children? Are you worried about what people are saying about the tie between vaccines and autism? How did you come to your decision?

Okay. Comment away. Make some good points for me to think about. Help me make up my mind- you know how hard that can be while pregnant.


rachelcarmella said...

Are you talking strictly delivery fees or the additional financial burden of consumer baby products? Our insurance charged us a $100 copay for Connor (I believe it was the same for Alayna)... as far as baby stuff goes - they are a money pit that nothing can really prepare you for - but most of it you don't need :) That is what baby showers and grandparents are for :)

As far as vaccines - I didn't even think twice about getting my kids vaccinated- they are so much safer now than they used to be and it saves you from worrying about some really serious (not to mention fatal) medical conditions...

hope this helps :)

Blume Bunch said...

Cost of delivery depends on what insurance you have.....Ours was a small co pay....
if you can beg for a room with an extra bed (or not have to share) so your husband can enjoy the fun hospital nights with you-- without having to sleep in a window sill he would greatly appreciate that! :)

i feel the same way as the person who commented before....They used to have mercury or something in them until 2001 - and now they are safer.....but i still dont know enough to comment.....all i can think that is if you are going to be given an autistic kid or whatever issues they may come with.....then thats the hand you are delt from above :) and youll love them anyways :)

Im still so excited for you.

merathon said...

our first two little girls cost us $15 EACH! we had to pay a copay for the first prenatal visit and that was the last thing we had to pay!

unfortunately, now that patrick has a better job, we have crappier insurance. (i think insurance is getting more expensive in lots of places.) we have to pay 20% of this one (estimated normal delivery is around $4300), so it will end up being about $860. c-sections are more expensive. hopefully i can avoid that this time!

Audrey said...

Vaccines still have mercury in them. It's not called mercury, it's called trimerathol or something of that nature. You can call your pediatrician and request to know if it's in their vaccines or not. The debate continues to rage on as to the causation correlation of this tie in. I still get my kids vaccinated though because there was a woman in my last ward who didn't believe in it and her daughter got whooping cough and the baby and all the kids were stuck in the house for a month because no one else wants to catch it from you 'cause you can die. The last article Derek sent me about the tie in with the autism and vaccinations said that the amount of mercury is so low that it is completely irrelevant, but then you'll hear the other side tell you the opposite. I think you need to go off of what your own research into the topic leads you to do.
As far as the cost of the last baby, Owen only cost us $250 for a circumcision 'cause we were on govt. insurance. Like your other friend, I know future pregnancies will be much more expensive. If you're planning on an epidural, that alone is about $700 and then the co-pay you have plus meeting your deductible before hand. Trust me, your insurance company will find any and everyway they can to make sure you pay a lot.

Sarah Jayne said...

We had a 90/10 insurance plan w/ no deductible which was great. We ended up paying 10% for the delivery (350 or so) and then we had to pay the anesthesiologist separately (about 100) because they charge about 1000 for an epidural. The thing I wish we would have been more prepared for were all the doctor visits and lab visits in the first 10 days. He was jaundiced (which is very common) and we had to take him to the labe every single day for like 10 days to have his biliruben counts checked until they were normal. We also had to put him in this little suitcase with lights on him for like 3 days and that costs money too. Then we had to pay for all the doctors visits. Hopefully your baby is healthy and you won't have to deal with it. Jonah also had allergies to what I ate so we ended up having about 5 or 6 doctors/specialist visits for that. They add up.
As far as I'm concerned, I'd rather get my son vaccinated and wager that small chance that it is linked with autism than have a sick baby all the time. He could easily die from one of the diseases they vaccinate for be the judge.
Good luck!!

Bethany said...

Vaccinate! Don't be a weirdo.

Just my opinion, of course.

ty & megs said...

mckinlay was free as a bird thanks to our poor poeple's insurance, but if I had her on my BC/BS insurance from when I was working I would have only had to pay $125. It all depends on what your insurance coverage is.

I would for sure vaccinate. I think the benefits far outweigh any risk. I asked Ty about this and he said that they haven't been able to prove any relation between autism (and such) and vaccines. He said it is still all speculation.

Christian said...

Ahh... I wouldnt worry about money. Really, whether you're loaded or not, that baby's comin'. Whats the hospital going to do?! Shove her back in you cause you dont have the cash? NO! Dont worry about a thing... You'll be fine :)